Missing Money Search Tips

How do I perform a search? Just enter your name and click

Can I search for myself, my family or a business? You can do an individual, family or business search. An individual search is based upon your last name (current or prior name) and your full or partial first name. A family search only requires last name. The Business search just requires entering your business name in the last name field.

Who can I search for? Anyone. However, you may only file a claim for property that belongs to you or for which you are the legal heir. If you are a business owner, you may also file on behalf of your business.

What if I have a common name? Our web site will return a maximum of 200 results per search. You can narrow down your search results by specifying the City and/or State where you have lived. See "Advanced Search" and "Exact Match" below.

Advanced Search You can restrict the records you are interested in searching by selecting a single State from the list. You can also filter the results to only show records where the city begins with some value. These are all very useful to filter results for common names.

Exact Match You can turn this feature on by clicking the 'Exact' check box on the Search Results page. (This option is only available after you have performed a search, it is not available from the Home Page). With this checked, it will only return records where the entire first and last name match what you enter. With this option turned off (blank in the check box), then records with a similar first name will also appear in the list.

Save Time, Set Up Profiles You can set up Profiles for yourself, your family and your friends (remember to include any maiden or previous names). To set up search profiles click on the "Create / Maintain Profiles" menu option under 'My Profiles' to add additional profiles. If you are not signed in or not yet a member, click on the "Log In" or "Join" option under 'My Profiles'.

Can I search for my deceased family members? Yes you can. Join as a member and set up a profile for each family member you would like to search. Only the rightful heir can claim the property.

How often can I search? You may search as often as you like.

What if I don't see my property listed? Link to the non-participating state websites from our homepage, click 'State Contact Information' on the left hand side of the home page. On the next page you will see a US Map, click on the state that you wish to search and you will link to that state's Unclaimed Property Page enabling you to search there directly. You should also try searching the federal agency web sites by linking from our 'Other Links'. Also, try checking back with MissingMoney.com monthly as new states and new records are continually added.

When is the information updated? Unclaimed property records are continually updated in the MissingMoney database. If you don't find your missing money today, remember to come back and check often.

How long does it take to receive my money? Claims processing time frames vary from state to state and by property type based upon claim activity. (Usually between 4 - 16 weeks)

How do I find out about the status of my claim? Once a claim has been filed with the state, the state is responsible for your paper work. All specific questions should be address directly to the state in which your claim has been filed.

How do I know if the match listed is mine? Is this a state that you may have resided in? Do you recognize the name of the company listed? Remember, you will need to submit proof that you are eligible.